I went to a comedy show of ken miller a black comedian.He said at the end of the show to say hi and not walk down and pretend he wasn't there.

So at the end me and my gf tried saying hi to him and he totally ignored the both of us. He looked down as if he didn't see us. But said hi to everyone before and after us. I'd like to know why this hypocrite did to us what he told others not to do to him?

Rude person. And a ***. Black people these days are bullies and evil people. Rude arrogant.

Nlggers are horrible people.

These days they are in power and abuse others around them.Screw u a&&hole *** out there

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that was a real racist statement that you left there only because a person did not acknowledge you and your girlfriend. you are talking about black people but I don't think that's anything compared to what was done to black people........grow up!!!!!!!


I just went to see him last night and it was a totally different situation. You have to wait to get out to the lobby and he does meet and greet.

Ocoee, Florida, United States #961432

That Ken Miller...what can I say that God hasn't said for me. When I had diarrhea he cured it with a glance. He also bought me a beer once that gave me an epiphany on the meaning of why black people have black skin and why white people are aliens.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #961331

Wow Ken missed an opportunity to hang with some really cool people. Probably was in a hurry to go watch Steve Harvey on Family Feud.

Bonita Springs, Florida, United States #961328

My Girlfriend cheated on me with Ken Miller.I couldn't even blame her, he is far more handsome and charming than I.

I regularly babysit their two *** children while they have afternoon trysts involving Stella Artois and light Booty-Play at the Motel 6 on OBT...And when he drops her back off to me at home, he ALWAYS says "Hi!".

Dallas, Texas, United States #802795

Do you always get this upset when others do not acknowledge you and Your girlfriend?Who really cares about your post? Its lame like you and Your girlfriend.Get over youself and Move on.Pepper Bellys.


really...no I don't think so.me and my gf were very nice and looked at him in a friendly way.

He was an arrogant douche and he is VERY arrogant and rude if you listen to his comedy act he even makes fun of midgets and many others. we thought he was funny but were offended when he just straight out ignored us for no reason. he was probably jealous b/c my GF is hot but screw him.. black people are very arrogant these days...nasty people esp the women but what he did was just downright rude.

I was offended.

just because you're a BLACK PERSON doesn't mean you still get treated in any kind of a racist way...blacks are the ones who are RACIST these days..mean arrogant and racist as ***.Btw im Hispanic and my GF is Hispanic and asian too...you're a f*cking ***...

to john Tampa, Florida, United States #961329

Your girl is Asian and Spanish!?...***, come to my comedy show I'll be MORE THAN happy to say hello ;)

to john Tampa, Florida, United States #1086463

You actually sound like the racist here buddy.

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